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What is ZEEYATT exactly?

Zeeyatt is a Brand Name of our company.

What services does ZEEYATT offers?

Zeeyatt is a unique brand which offers all sorts of Hospitality services like Hotel pre opening services,Hotel Operations, Hotel Operations and Hotel constructions.

How long ZEEYATT is there in the industry and about its Team and its credentials?

We have been there for the past 25 years and have completed almost 30 Successful Stories.we are a team of dedicated Hospitality professionals who can handle the core competency of assign tasks by our Principal Consultant.

What services does ZEEYATT plans to offer? (Now)

We offer services like Hotel Management for 3 Star& 5 Star Hotels,Hotel Renovation,Hotel Congratulations,Hotel Consultant,Pre Opening,Hotel Buying & Selling.

What is the scope of the Business ZEEYATT plans to offer?

Scope of work is nothing but a fleet of services for Hotels & Resorts.

Why should one partner/ do business with ZEEYATT?

Any business owner who has reached their milestone & still they have the thirst to come out with flying colours and the only option is the Hospitality business which can gain their reputation to the global level of business stage by stage.

Who will be the right person to partner or do business with ZEEYATT?

The right person is the one who already has Hotel business and struggles to run.or whom who want take their hotel business to the next level.or the one who having money but no idea to run the hotel business.

How much the partner or the person doing business with ZEEYATT need to invest?

Investment is only for those who want to be a part of ZEEYATT GROUPS otherwise they can use the ZEEYATT Brand & It’s Services by paying the consultant fees for the term period.Minimum Investment per Share to become prestigious shares Holder is 1 crore Indian Rupees.

What will be the business returns after the investment or partnering?

The return on investment can vary from property to property and from place to place. For 3 star we can expect from 12% to 20%, For 5 Star we can expect 15% to 25%.

What are the various segments/ business plan ZEEYATT is offering?

Various segments Maybe the Hotels, Resorts, Service Appartment, Banglow & Academy.

Why an entrepreneur choice should be ZEEYATT and not others?

ZEEYATT is the only Brand which gives the complete solution whether it is Project side or Operation side. whether it is 3 Star Hotel ⭐⭐⭐ or 5 Star Hotel ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ whether it is Service Appointment or leisure Resorts.